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(Source: all you need is cheese - fall 2014)


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December 2014 - Discover Food From Home Guide
Buy Manitoba - Winter Edition

Fall 2014 - Cheese Heroes
All You Need Is Cheese Magazine

Fall 2014 - Behind the Union Symbol (pg 1)
The North American Kosher Cheese Market's Coming of Age

June 2014 - New Bothwell Cheese & Wine Festival
Cheese & Wine sampling $25/ticket

June 2014 - New Head Cheese at Bothwell Cheese
CEO Announces Retirement

August 2012 - The Jewish Post and News
Bothwell Cheese now under fulltime OU certification

January 2012 - Dawson Trail Dispatch
Bothwell Marble Wins Awards

December 2011 - Savour Magazine
Bothwell Wins All The Marbles

December 2011 - Steinbach Online
Six and Counting for Bothwell Cheese

December 2011 - Steinbach Online
Bothwell Cheese Wins Again

November 2011 - Food in Canada
Manitoba Big Cheese Celebrates 75th Anniversary

November 2011 - Winnipeg Free Press
Cheese Maker Ages Well

November 2011 - The Manitoba Co-Operator
"Well-Aged" Bothwell Cheese Plant Celebrates 75th Birthday

November 2011 - The Carillon
Bothwell Cheese Still squeaky after 75

November 2011 - Steinbach Online
New Bothwell Cheese

November 2011 - Savour Winnipeg
Say Cheese! It's Bothwell's 75th Birthday

November 2011 - Winnipeg Free Press
Like it's cheese, Bothwell getting better with age.

November 2011 - Steinbach Online
Bothwell Cheese Celebrates 75 Years

December 2010 - Winnipeg Free Press
Bothwell Cheese captures 1st place at the British Empire Cheese Show five years in a row

December 2010 - The Carillon
Bothwell Still the Top Cheese

December 2010 - Winnipeg Free Press
Slice of Work Life

December 2009 - Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba Businesses Score Hat Trick

December 2009 - The Carillon
Bothwell Golden at Cheese Show

October 2009 - The Carillon
Bothwell a "Grate" Manitoba Business

September 2009 - Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre
The Importance of Branding

September 2009 - Winnipeg Sun
Ribbon Cut on Airport Cheese Shop

September 2009 - Winnipeg Free Press
Cheese Lovers, Proceed to the Departure Gate

June 2009 - The Manitoba Co-Operator
Manitoba cheese lovers can fly international, buy local

June 2009 - Manitoba Business Magazine
Cheeses That Please

May 2009 - CAA Magazine
Worth the Drive

March 2009 - Manitoba Focus
Who Moved my Bothwell Cheese?

February 2009 - Western Grocer
Bothwell Cheese wins 1st place 'Three-Peat'

February 2009 - Winnipeg Free Press
The Winnipeg Harvest

February 2009 - Western Grocer
$1 Million Cheese Donation to Winnipeg Harvest

January 2009 - The Carillon
Say Cheese to Winnipeg Harvest!

January 2009 - The Manitoba Co-Operator
Winnipeg Harvest Gets Major Donation From Cheese Maker

January 2009 - Winnipeg Sun
Dairy Folks Team Up For Harvest

January 2009 - Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba Cheese on Top

April 2008 - Food in Canada
Company Profile - Bothwell Cheese

March 2008 - Winnipeg Women Magazine
Hosting a Wine & Cheese Soiree

February 2008 - Winnipeg Sun
Bothwell wins - Best Cheese in the British Empire

February 2008 - Winnipeg Men Magazine
The Big Cheese

December 2007 - The Carillon
Bothwell Wins Twice at Major Cheese Show

September 2007 - The Carillion
Bothwell Wedding Cake

September 2007 - Toronto Sun
Bothwell 3-Tiered Cheesecake made of Cheese

September 2007 - Winnipeg Sun
What's a wedding without a great big cheese cake?

April 2007 - Manitoba Co-Operators
Cheese Feast

January 2007 - Dairy Farmer
Bothwell Cheese wins four awards at British Empire Cheese Competition

January 2007 - Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba's Cheesiest Town

December 2006 - Winnipeg Free Press
Bothwell Cheese wins three awards at the Canadian Western Ag Cheese competition

December 2006 - Winnipeg Free Press
The best cheese comes from Bothwell

December 2006 - Manitoba Co-Operator
Agribition's Big Cheese

December 2006 - The Dawson Dispatch
Bothwell wins three awards at Western Canadian Cheese Competition

November 2006 - Winnipeg Free Press
A Grey Cup Food Fight

October 2006 - Winnipeg Sun
Cheese With Attitude

October 2006 - Ciao
Designer Cheese

October 2006 - Winnipeg Sun
Cheese With Attitude

April 2006 - Winnipeg Free Press
Say cheese...and lots of it

December 2005 - The Carillon
Bothwell cheeses win big at shows

December 2005 - Winnipeg Free Press
Bothwell launches seasonal fare

December 2005 - Connoisseur
Exotic Exaltation

September 2005 - Western Grocer
The Big Cheese

May 2004 - Winnipeg Life
Bothwell is the big cheese when it comes to smoked classics

February 2004 - Agri Post
Bothwell Cheese "smokes" competition

November 2002 - Winnipeg Free Press
Consortium says cheese, buys Bothwell

November 2002 - The Manitoba Co-Operator
Bothwell Cheese changes hands

1994 - Heritage Collections
Cheese Factory